breakingdawn taylor eb 500 'Breaking Dawn': Five reasons non Twi hards will like it“Breaking Dawn” is bringing the “Twilight” film frenzy back this week, almost three years to the day that the first film in the series was released. Reviews of the new installment are mixed — but regardless, legions of fans have been camping out, tweeting passionately, and buying up movie tickets in advance of this weekend. And through it all, millions of non-Twi-hards are rolling their eyes and scratching their heads, wondering what all the fuss is about.

But there’s no reason that someone who hasn’t read the books (or even seen any of the other movies yet) should be apprehensive about heading to theaters this holiday season to see “Breaking Dawn.” Here, are a few reasons why (**SPOILER ALERT**): 

1. This iteration of “Twilight” is funnier than the others — in both an unintentionally cheesy and very self-aware, borderline campy manner (which is harder to do than it sounds!) Director Bill Condon takes some friendly jabs at the ridiculousness of the franchise, particularly during Bella and Edward’s nuptials, and the last quarter of the movie. Don’t worry if you don’t “get” the Twi-hard phenomenon, or the supernatural elements, or, heck, the plot. You WILL laugh … guaranteed. Even the film credits and secret scene felt more Tarantino than “Twilight.”  

2. Jacob’s one-liners: some serious shirtless, jealous-type zing!

3. “Breaking Dawn” is prettier than its predecessors. Scenic shots of Brazil, a gorgeous wedding, and hey — Bella even gets a tan for a few minutes. 

4. Blood in a sippy cup. 

5. Sex ed! Indeed, this film makes a strong point for birth control … way stronger than a PSA, and even stronger than an episode of “Teen Mom 2.” (see: Bella’s bruised, pregnant belly and bad acid trip of a delivery. You too will have a new-found respect for contraception.)

And if any “Twilight” rookies need to do online searches for movie info before or after seeing the film, be sure to use Edward Cullen’s favorite search engine: Yahoo. Take that, Bing!

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady