rebecca black leno Rebecca Black performs 'Friday' on Leno: 'It's not indecent,' she saysRebecca Black skipped out onto “The Tonight Show” stage on March 23, and for good reason — when you’re 13 and Nick Jonas decides to cover your first song, it’s got to put a little pep in your step.

But it hasn’t been all JoBros and sunshine since her first single “Friday” went viral. The internet can be mean. “When I first saw it, I used to look at [the comments] all the time, and I cried, you know, but I’m 13,” she tells Jay Leno. “So being a teenager you care about what other people think of you, so I was like oh, the world hates me, I’m going to die, but now I don’t even read them so they don’t bug me, they make me laugh.”

The music video was produced by Ark Music Factory, an LA company that will help you record a song and a video if you (and by you, we mean your mom and dad) have enough cash. They probably think they’ve gone to heaven with all the free publicity they’re rolling in at the moment.

“We skipped the first audition process where they have all the girls and guys auditioning,” Black says. “I met privately with the two producers.” Initially they wanted her to sing a song about “being a guy’s superhero.”

“But I’m 13,” she says. “So then they sent me ‘Friday’ which is about having fun with your friends and being a teenager, so I picked that. I thought it was different because it’s not indecent and all the bad stuff that other songs are about.”

Black says she’s been reached out to by celebrities like Simon Cowell, Nicole Richie, and Willow Smith. “Bradshaw?” Bradley Cooper interrupts. “Did Bradshaw call you?”

As for all the cash she’s been making, Rebecca says she’s donating the proceeds to Japan and to her school. Which makes us feel a lot better about the 46 times we’ve played her video. Just saying.

We particularly love the parodies Leno showed Black – which she decided weren’t totally lame. Catch them in the video of the second part of the interview below.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie