rebecca black bieber bracel Rebecca Black remains relevant, sticks up for fellow teen stars on TwitterIt’s Friday, Friday.

Sorry, we just wanted to get that song stuck in your head, too, because misery loves company. Just when we thought Rebecca Black‘s fifteen minutes of teen idol fame were up, Katy Perry keeps her relevant, giving the YouTube sensation a cameo gig in her new video, “Last Friday Night.” The video, about a teenager’s drunken night out, premieres June 14 at 12:01 a.m. on Funny or Die.

That’s a Tuesday, by the way. Not a Friday, Friday, gotta get down on…

Okay, we’ll stop. Since we last heard from Rebecca Black, she’s been working on staying at the forefront of your pop culture consciousness, with visits to Bop and Tiger Beat magazine headquarters as she continues to work on her next single, which remains a dreaded mystery. She’s also been fighting the good fight on Twitter, sticking up for her fellow young stars — when a trending topic cruelly referenced Demi Lovato’s recent personal struggles, Black raged against the haters.

“Block Demi & Cutters from trending!” she tweeted, along with a petition she’d signed. “WeLoveYouDemi WeLoveYouSelena WeLoveYouJustin WeLoveYouKaty …Let’s make THESE TTs. Not those stupid ones trending right now.”

Thanks to the Katy Perry video news, Black is back where she was three months ago — at the top of various trending topic lists around the web. “I guess I’m staring to trend again.(:” she wrote.

Why did a shiver just go down our spines?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie