rebecca black frida320 Rebecca Black's 'Friday' is one year old, and now it'll be stuck in your head all day (you're welcome)When someone at the Ark Music Factory uploaded the music video for “Friday” by an unknown teenager named Rebecca Black to YouTube on Feb. 10 last year, they undoubtedly had no idea what kind of worldwide sensation would ensue.

Although the video didn’t go viral until a couple weeks later (March 11, if you want to know specifically), Feb. 10 shall live on in infamy as the day the world was introduced to the most ridiculous so-bad-its-great music video known to humanity thus far.
From the low production value to the mundane lyrics (“gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal”), from the girl dancing in pink to the random middle-aged man rapping at the end, “Friday” combines so many terrible things together that it becomes incredibly enjoyable.
None of Ark or Black’s follow-up attempts have achieved anywhere near the level of success as “Friday,” which seems to be an abnormality never to be recreated again. Come on, it was covered on “Glee”! For a way more comprehensive history of “Friday” than you ever knew you wanted, check out Buzzfeed’s article on the phenomenon.

All together now: “It’s Fryeeeday, Fryeeeday, gotta get down on Fryeeedaaaaay!”

Posted by:Jean Bentley