mtv movie awards 2013 rebel wilson james franco iron mangina mtv Rebel Wilson and James Franco start the 2013 MTV Movie Awards with Iron Mangina, a pink tracksuit

If you wanted a pre-taped bit to set the tone for a crazy award show, you couldn’t do better than James Franco finding 2013 MTV Movie Awards host Rebel Wilson on a sit-about (like a walk-about, but with less cardio) in Australia. Of course, adding in a bright pink tracksuit (with koalas) and an Iron Man-gina suit didn’t hurt.

Really, this was one of the best pre-awards show videos in recent memory. Keep reading for an absolutely necessary play-by-play.

Franco showed up appropriately attired in a safari costume, driving a Jeep. He found Wilson lounging outside of a hut in all of her pink-sweats glory. A little bit of back-and-forth banter between the two led to Franco inviting Wilson to host the MTV Movie Awards.

Of course, the Australian comedian needed a little encouragement to commit. Franco helpfully pointed out that everyone will love her and no one will ever say bad things about her work at the awards show. He would know, after all.

Because this is a pre-awards show sketch, the hosting gig must be imminent. Fortunately, Franco has brought along a new sort of “Iron Man” suit to get Wilson to Los Angeles quickly. This wasn’t your normal -suit though — this one is pink and has breasts. An Iron Man-gina suit.

Unfortunately for the host-to-be, the suit had originally been designed for Mila Kunis. Rebel Wilson, a slightly larger woman, got an iron wedgie as a result. But, hair sticking out through the top like a champion, Wilson took off flying (badly) to the stage.

The whole sequence ended with Wilson crashing through the roof and onto the stage. She then delivered the best, most PG-13 line of the entire night: “Oh, I landed right on my vag.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown