rebel wilson super fun night premiere Rebel Wilson on 'GMA': 'Super Fun Night' makes her Australian accent weird

Rebel Wilson makes her American television debut in her new ABC comedy, “Super Fun Night.” In the show, Wilson plays a New Yorker named Kimmie, and the actress admits that having to don an American accent has affected her natural Australian one.

“It’s really weird now to speak in my normal Australian accent,” she admits on “Good Morning America.”

But the show hasn’t made speaking in an American accent that much easier, either. Though she’s been shooting on the show for weeks, Wilson says “it actually hurts my face to talk in an American accent for more than two hours.”

The Australian comedian couldn’t resist cracking a few jokes while on the morning talk show, including one that hopefully has a nugget of truth in it. According to Wilson, she first wanted to have the character of Kimmie have a Russian accent, “but instead we went with American.” The Russian accent Wilson showed off was surprisingly hilarious.

The way Wilson describes “Super Fun Night” makes it sound like a more comedic version of HBO’s “Girls.” “They’re like the opposite of the ‘Sex and the City’ girls,” Wilson says of “Super Fun Night’s” leads. 

She admits she made the show to help other awkward, potentially weird people out there know they’re not alone. “Nobody thought I would be an actress and that I would have my own TV show,” she says with a laugh.

“Super Fun Night” premieres Wednesday, Oct. 2 at 9:30 p.m. on ABC. As a tease of what’s in store, Wilson says, “I do sing an amazing Meatloaf number tonight.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz