reckless anna wood cam gigandet 'Reckless' gets 'pretty sexy,' promises showrunner of CBS summer legal dramaPractically every time Dana Stevens, the creator of CBS’s new summer soap “Reckless,” talks about her show, she describes it as “sexy” or “steamy” or some other alliterative “s” word. But that’s because it is, she promises.

“Honestly, I think it gets pretty sexy,” Stevens tells Zap2it while chatting about the show with stars Anna Wood and Cam Gigandet during the 2014 ATX Television festival in Austin, Texas in early June. “CBS told us, ‘We want you to push the envelope. We want you to do a sexy show.’ We would turn in episodes and think, ‘Oh, they’re never going to let us do this,’ but they did let us do it.”

“Reckless” follows a police sex scandal in Charleston, South Carolina. Wood plays Jamie Sawyer and Gigandet is Roy Rayder, the dueling lawyers in a case that will span the entire season. “Cam and Anna’s characters, they are very sexy in the story because they are resisting their sexual impulses,” says Stevens.

Interjects Gigandet, “Which is sexy.”

“Which is very sexy, actually,” says Stevens. But this is television — and Jamie and Roy might not be the best at resisting those impulses. “They don’t fully resist it — they come very close to the edge — and that’s, like, he says, very sexy too.”

How long can they resist each other? Wood chimes in with a CBS-approved response: “You’ll just have to watch and find out!”

“Reckless” isn’t just about sex, however. It also deals with gender politics in a very politically charged world, making the South a perfect setting. “I think the South has a lot of old-school traditions and outspoken politics that we associate with those kinds of things but I do think a patriarchal society is reflective in law enforcement throughout the country and in all walks of politics — everything. It’s a huge part of who we are as a society,” Wood says.

Stevens says she likes that everything is just a little bit heightened. “I wanted to set it in the South because I think the politics of a man and a woman in the South are kind of pumped up on steroids. There’s this Southern Belle and then there’s the guy’s guy who hunts and fishes. You could have put this police sex scandal in any city in the country but I think putting it in the South gives it a steamy sexiness and it just allows us to put a spin on it that might be a little more feminine and a little more masculine.”

“Reckless” premieres Sunday (June 29) at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Posted by:Jean Bentley