reckless episode 2 cam gigandet anna wood 'Reckless' stars Anna Wood and Cam Gigandet: 'No one's totally good or totally bad'A lot of terrible things are going down at the Charleston police department in “Reckless,” but stars Anna Wood and Cam Gigandet say there are many shades of gray involved — nothing is strictly black and white.

“Something that happens throughout our series is that much like in real life, I don’t think anyone’s totally good or totally bad,” Wood tells Zap2it in an interview at the ATX Television Festival. “I don’t think our characters are that clear — maybe towards the end, but even still I think you see the good motivations behind bad things and the bad motivations behind good things.”

Adds Gigandet, “That’s what was so great about the script. Even in the first episode you get to know these characters but you know underneath there’s a lot going on and there are things that start to unfold throughout the season which just open up more doors and you learn more about each character.”

For example — who did you think was cut out of the tape of Lee Anne’s sexual assault? Deputy Chief Knox, maybe? Not necessarily Cruz, right?

“Knox, throughout the season, he goes on such an interesting journey to get where he ends up in the end,” Gigandet says after Zap2it mentions that Knox seemed like a real possiblitly. “But instead of knowing more in the end, you kind of realize how little you actually know.”

While Season 1 of “Reckless” will tackle sex and gender politics, it won’t touch upon another hot button issue that’s often amplified in the South, race.

“This particular season, we are not going head on with any race issues. But that doesn’t mean we won’t want to do that down the line,” explains creator Dana Stevens. “What happened this season was trying to balance the closed-ended case of the week with all the twists and turns with the lawsuit against the police department, it was hard to tackle another issue.”

She continues, “I think if we’re going to deal with that … if you’re going to do something that’s racially tinged in the South you might need to dedicate the [bigger, season-encompassing] uber case to it.”

“Reckless” airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Posted by:Jean Bentley