shawn-hatosy-david-keith-reckless-CBS.jpgThings are really heating up on summer’s hot new legal drama “Reckless” on CBS. Star Shawn Hatosy dishes the dirt with Zap2it about his character Terry McCandless’ dysfunctional relationship with his father (David Keith) and teases that there’s more than meets the eye with Terry’s relationship with Lee Ann.

“Even though Terry’s dad emotionally beat the crap out
of his kid and was probably an alcoholic and very abusive, he needed a place and Terry wouldn’t leave him behind,” says Hatosy. “They’re another dysfunctional relationship that probably shouldn’t be
together, but that’s how he learned how to form relationships, which
gives you insight into why his relationship with Lee Ann is so

“I think he believes he loves [Lee Ann] and I think his heart is attached to her,” Hatosy continues, “but his system for showing her love is just really dysfunctional. His upbringing and the way he has moved through life, it has created this impossible guy.”

As far as Lee Ann and Terry go, we posit that Terry’s feelings for her are more an obsession than actual love and Hatosy agrees.

“He doesn’t understand the difference between obsession and love, which just points to his level of maturity,” says Hatosy. “He’s confused about what those two things are. I also think sex has so much to do with it. He’s one of those guys who doesn’t understand that beyond sex, do they complement each other intellectually? And I would say absolutely not. He thinks they do [laughs].”

The viewers certainly have to wonder how Terry could be involved in Lee Ann’s drug-induced sex tape if he supposedly loves her, so we have to ask if Terry helped drug Lee Ann.

“The audience isn’t supposed to know,” teases Hatosy. “It’s definitely a bit of a whodunit. A lot of suspects enter the picture. He definitely was involved and he was instrumental in recording the act, but how it got out there and all the details surrounding what they were really doing, we’ll find out later. … Lee Ann is not just the victim here.”

“Reckless” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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