rectify season 2 finale Rectify Season 2 finale: Daniel confesses to killing Hanna DeanOn the Season 2 finale of “Rectify,” Daniel is confronted with whether or not to take the plea deal regarding Hanna’s murder. He is leaning toward taking the plea, because he just wants to be able to move on with his life and put the past to rest.

Jon Stern advises Daniel not to take the deal, since he thinks Daniel may not realize exactly how the plea deal could impact the rest of his life. But ultimately, Daniel “confesses” to Hanna’s murder, though not her rape. But did he really kill Hanna? I don’t think he did. There is far too much back and forth, too much ambiguity.

Daniel just wants it to be over, no second trial, no more investigating. But a second trial might be what is in store for Season 3, because some boys playing by the river just found what appears to be George’s body.

You’ll have to wait until “Rectify” returns in 2015 to get any answers. What did you think of the Season 2 finale?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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