jennifer grey lea thompson red dawn 'Red Dawn' remake: Lea Thompson 'interested to see if the story is still compelling'Lea Thompson has mixed feelings as the update of “Red Dawn” finally nears release.

The original 1984 action classic, pitting rebellious teen “Wolverines” against foreign invaders, teamed the actress with such co-stars as Charlie Sheen and Patrick Swayze.�With MGM’s financial woes in the process of being cleared up, the remake featuring Chris Hemsworth — who stars as “Thor” in theaters Friday (May 6) — and Adrianne Palicki, potentially television’s next “Wonder Woman,” could get a theatrical release soon.

“One of the interesting things about that movie was that it was so low-tech,” Thompson tells Zap2it about the first version. “There was no CGI, nothing like that. It was all kind of real, with all the explosions, and I’m just interested to see if the story is still compelling with all the CGI.

“The politics of the movie were very strange and, in a lot of ways, unfortunate,” Thompson adds of the plot that landed parachuting Soviet and Cuban troops at a Colorado high school. “The idea of what would happen if people invaded America is very dramatic, though, and it was the most fun I ever had making a movie. It was like the ultimate Boy Scout camp. It was just fun to be a tomboy.”

It also was fun to speak director and co-writer John Milius‘ dialogue, Thompson maintains: “He had such great, crazy lines like, ‘Avenge me!’ My personal favorite that I had to say was, ‘Things … are different now.'”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin