Reese Witherspoon got out of the car to mouth off to a cop on that fateful night she was arrested because her producer Molly Smith told her to. Part 2 of the Atlanta police dash cam video was released to TMZ, and it gives some insight into what was going through Witherspoon’s mind when she acted up.
In the video, Reese and her husband Jim Toth, who was arrested for DUI, can be heard arguing over the antics that got the A-List actress into handcuffs. 
“He told you to stop,” Jim tells Reese when she asks, “What did I do?” Witherspoon tells Toth not to say anything more, then informs him the arresting officer “does not have jurisdiction over the ground that he speaks on.” Whatever that means. 
“He asked you to get in the car, and all you should have done was let me get arrested,” Toth tells his wife. “You wouldn’t listen to what he said to do, and you kept getting out of the car. And now you’ve turned it into ‘national news.'” Reese explains, “Molly Smith said, ‘Get out of the car and say what you want to say.'” 
Smith is producing “The Good Lie,” the film Witherspoon is shooting in Atlanta. The second part of the arrest video opens with Witherspoon telling the officer, “My name is Reese Witherspoon; you are arresting me for obstruction of justice. It will be in the national news, I just want to let you know.”
It was previously reported Reese was too drunk to hold her head up for her mug shot when she was booked that night. In the first part of the arrest video released earlier, Reese tells the policeman, “You are harassing me as an American citizen.” Reese later issued a public apology and told “Good Morning America” she used “poor judgment.”
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