Something was off with Reese Witherspoon at the 50th Academy of Country Music Awards. The chipper movie star was very energetic and slurring her words a bit when she took to the stage with her “Hot Pursuit” costar Sofia Vergara to introduce a performance by Milestone-winner Miranda Lambert.

If Vergara had imbibed a bit, she wasn’t showing it. But Witherspoon definitely looked like she had been hitting the bottle when she was giving her speech. She continued acting out of character when she presented Lambert the Milestone award after her performance.
Viewers were quick to assume Witherspoon was drunk, taking to Twitter to discuss her antics.

Based on Witherspoon’s Twitter activity during the ACM Awards, it sure looks like she was drinking and tweeting.

So what do you say, America? Was Witherspoon just really happy, or was she drunk and having a blast? Watch the above clips from the show and vote below.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz