michael buble red carpet nc 325 Reese Witherspoon: Michael Buble calls 'Something Stupid' duet partner 'a goddess'

Michael Buble may well be the happiest guy in New York. He’s thrilled about his latest CD, about becoming a dad and branching out on his own.
“I made it like a record,” he tells Zap2it of his latest album, released Tuesday (Apr. 23). “I made an album. I wanted them to sound like pop songs.”

“To Be Loved” a collection of 10 standards and four he wrote with others, is Buble’s sixth studio album. Considering his last one was the second selling album of 2011 — after Adele — a new release from him is a big deal.
This one has him singing a duet on “Something Stupid” with Reese Witherspoon. He praises how Witherspoon handled her apology after her reaction to her husband’s arrest for DUI earlier this week, and says she is “a goddess.”
Buble, a very upbeat Canadian, is on a media tour in New York City. He hosted “The Today Show” Wednesday, and will be on “Live With Kelly and Michael” Thursday.
He’s taping a segment for “Dancing With the Stars” and will sing “Come Dance With Me” his favorite number on the new album.
In particular, “The Today Show” hosting gig thrilled him because he had his first American break on the morning show. Maria Shriver had introduced him and he danced with Katie Couric.
“It was such a strange coming back and in a strange way they are part of my family,” he says. “I feel very comfortable there.”
It’s hard to imagine Buble not feeling comfortable. He strides into his suite at the Trump Towers, insists on sharing a lap blanket, and shows videos of recording the songs, in front of a full orchestra, on his iPhone. Buble shudders as he swallows oil of oregano and echinacea to ward off a cold.
“Now my breath will smell horrible, like pizza,” Buble says.
He’s truly pleased with this record and this is his first venture separate from producer David Foster
“I felt I had earned the right to make the record I wanted to make,” he says. “I spent a lot of my early career with people saying, ‘No, you can’t sing that song.'”
He recalls Tony Bennett‘s advice about singing and choosing songs. 
“If you steal from everyone, it’s research,” Buble says. “If you steal from one, you are a thief.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler