regis philbin kelly ripa live getty Regis Philbin promises tweets, promptly forgets about TwitterOf the pair of them, Kelly Ripa is a bit more invested in their joint Twitter account than co-host Regis Philbin. But the 79-year-old, who recently announced his upcoming departure from his series, has vowed to change that.

Following a Twitter tutorial segment on “Live With Regis & Kelly,” Regis promised to tweet throughout the day, Feb. 1. So how’s that working for him?

He started the morning off strong enough, with a few pre-show dispatches

“Survived the commute in the freezing rain & now getting ready for the show! I will answer your tweets today on the air! -R”

And then, “Reading the paper and listening to Dean – R” (As if we need Twitter to confirm that the New York Post and Dean Martin are part of his morning ritual.)

Ripa does her best to sell him out, in several arenas. Tweeting with her “K” signature, she says Philbin’s commute is only from across the street — and that he’s gotten producer Michael Gelman to do his tweets for him. She even offers some poorly lit, photographic proof from the “Live” stage:

regis twitter stage Regis Philbin promises tweets, promptly forgets about TwitterBut getting Gelman to do this for him even seems like a stretch. Philbin hasn’t tweeted since about 5 minutes after the conclusion of the east coast broadcast, when he presumably issued a cryptic “so did I.” Retweets and @replies apparently weren’t covered thoroughly enough.

So where are the tweets, Rege? We find your childlike use of the Internet to be endearing, and since you have one foot out the door, we’ll take you any way we can get you.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell