reign for king and country francis mary cw 'Reign': Mary Francis Bash love triangle takes a turn, plus creepy bag head Clarissa makes a moveJust because Francis, the future King of France, and Mary Queen of Scots got married in real life doesn’t mean it’s going to happen on The CW’s “Reign.” Creator Laurie McCarthy teases that the love triangle between Francis, Mary and Francis’ illegitimate brother, Bash, will only get juicier as Season 1 continues.

“You can read in the pages of history that two people got married and they were royals and it was an arranged marriage, and we have no idea what kind of marriage that was — whether it was a marriage in name only or whether it was a true marriage,” McCarthy tells Zap2it. “One of the things we tried to set up in the pilot is that Henry’s true wife was actually Diane de Poitiers. It turns out in a business sense, in a partner sense, his true wife was Catherine de Medici. So that’s what we’re looking at. Marriages were very different then.”

While Adelaide Kane told Zap2it that Mary will marry someone by the end of Season 1, McCarthy isn’t so sure. She won’t confirm anything, but she will say that regardless of who Mary marries, it won’t mean much. “When she does get married, the marriage is no guarantee that her heart would not go elsewhere,” she says.

Besides, there’s no guarantee that Mary will marry either brother. “Maybe before the end of the season you’ll see a yet another love interest for her,” McCarthy teases. “But she really has her hands full! With the Mary/Bash/Francis triangle, each of those guys comes with certain benefits and certain burdens. What she’s really trying to do is navigate her love life, protect her friends and protect her country.”

The love triangle will take a very serious turn in “For King and Country” (Jan. 23), but those changes might not be permanent. There are also some interesting revelations regarding Clarissa, the creepy bag head girl. “Lady Burlap,” McCarthy calls her affectionately. “What we can tease about that is she gets more menacing but more understandable. We’ll learn who she is and we’ll learn her back story and we’ll see her do surprising things. And we’ll also explore the woods more too.”

“Reign” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Jean Bentley