jonathan keltz reign leith series regular season 2 'Reign' Season 2 will have more Leith: Jonathan Keltz promoted to series regularGreer’s in trouble on Season 2 of The CW’s “Reign,” because the formerly happily engaged lady-in-waiting now has to contend with two men vying for her affection — her fiance, Lord Castleroy, and her former love, Leith.

Jonathan Keltz, who plays the kitchen aid-turned-soldier-turned-war hero, has been promoted to series regular for the second season of the historical drama, Deadline reports.

When Leith went off to war, Greer moved on to the sweet (and very rich) Castleroy, who has promised to rescue her family from financial ruin and provide for her younger sisters’ dowries. But now that Leith is back, safe, and with newly elevated social status thanks to his rescuing of Prince Francis in battle, Greer will have to decide whether she wants safety or true love.

Posted by:Jean Bentley