stephen amell shares vampire diaries arrow crossover pic Remember that time 'Arrow's' Stephen Amell tried to kill Nina Dobrev on 'The Vampire Diaries?' It’s pretty well-known that The CW loves to recycle its pretty stars on all of the network’s shows, and that can lead to some hilarious throwback moments when you remember where you saw your favorite star before they hit it big with their own show. Like Stephen Amell, before he became Starling City’s vigilante on “Arrow.”

Remember that time Amell tried to kill Nina Dobrev on “The Vampire Diaries?” He sure does. Amell shared a fun photo on Facebook with Dobrev while at The CW’s Upfronts presentation last week with the caption, “I’m glad Nina Dobrev got over the fact I chased her through the woods and tried to kill her.”

For those fans who don’t remember, Amell once guest starred on “The Vampire Diaries” in Season 2 as werewolf Brady, and he didn’t just try to hunt down Elena … he also shot Caroline in the head and tortured her for hours. Yikes. Thank goodness he went on to become a hero on “Arrow,” otherwise, we’d still have some major beef with him. No one hurts Caroline Forbes and gets away with it!

Maybe Amell should find Candice Accola for a throwback photo/apology next …
Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum