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Congressman Aaron Schock, a Republican from Illinois’ 18th district, is not only the youngest member of Congress as 29, but he has now been named America’s Fittest Congressman by Men’s Health. It earned him an ab-flashing cover and a couple shirtless pictures inside.

Schock appeared on “The Today Show” Monday (May 9) alongside David Zinczenko to talk about his feature in Men’s Health. His fitness journey started when he noticed he was gaining weight in college and wanted to get back in shape. He also shares his fitness tips for their summer challenge, which is based on the idea that if you can get fit for summer, you can stay fit for life. Here are his tips:

1. Adopt a 3-Day Standard

You don’t have to workout hard every day. Three intense workouts a week can make a big difference.

2. Save one workout for the weekend.

Use your free time to get in a good workout on the weekend and then you only need to do two during the Monday through Friday work week.

3. Track the ancillary benefits.

Keep a journal and rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 7 (most favorable) on your ability to work without stopping for unscheduled breaks, your ability to stick to your routine for the day, your overall job performance. It will help you see how exercise affects all aspects of your life.

4. Keep your streak intact.

Don’t skip a workout. You’re more likely to keep skipping and a single lapse can make you feel like a failure. If you feel crunched for time, make sure to at least do just 10 minutes.

5. Go hard, not long.

People are more likely to stick with workouts under 30 minutes, so if you can, do higher intensity workouts for just 20 minutes.


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