weiner 2 gi Rep. Anthony Weiner admits he tweeted nude photo: 'I take full responsibility for my actions'On Monday (June 6), Rep. Anthony Weiner reversed his previous denials about a photo of his nude crotch that he had allegedly sent to a 21-year-old Seattle woman. Weiner had previously claimed the photo was sent by a hacker.

“Last Friday night I tweeted a photo of myself that I intended to send as a direct message to a woman in Seattle,” said the New York Democrat who serves in the House of Representatives in an afternoon press conference.

“The picture was of me and I sent it,” he added. “I’m deeply sorry for the pain this has caused my wife, my family, my constituents, supporters and staff.”

Weiner also admitted to engaging in “several inappropriate communications with women online” both before and after he married wife Huma Abedin, herself a longtime aide of Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Abedin did not appear with Weiner at the press conference, but when asked by reporters Weiner said the couple would not be getting a divorce.

“I love my wife very much and we have no intention of splitting up over this. We have been through a great deal together and we will weather this.”

Weiner claimed he did not engage in physical relationships with any of the women and that he’s never had sex outside his marriage.

He also added that he would not be resigning his seat in the House of Representatives and extended an apology to right wing blogger Andrew Breitbart, who he had accused of leaking the photos online.

When asked about new photos that surfaced on Monday, Weiner conceded that they could in fact be of him since he sent pictures of himself to several women. 

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson