miley amas Report: Miley Cyrus nude pics leak after some jerk steals her phoneWhen Miley Cyrus‘s purse was allegedly stolen last week, it’s unlikely that her biggest worry was the cash in her wallet. It seems her iPhone may have contained more than just the contact info of her very famous friends. Word is that the phone also contained at least one nude photo of the teen queen… and the thief has leaked it online.

]]> MTV Europe Music Awards.  The photo in question was confirmed to have been taken at Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid, where Miley stayed while she was in town. If the photo, which you can view if you’re so inclined (censored, of course) at ZackTaylor‘s blog, is of Miley, it was taken before her 18th birthday – since she was in Madrid weeks before she was officially old enough to vote. It shows a girl leaning against her bathroom door frame wearing only an open shirt. It was, unsurprisingly, taken using the trusty iPhone-plus-mirror method. Of course, Miley wouldn’t be the first (or the last) teenage girl to snap nude photos of herself with a cell phone. Anybody who has turned on the news in the last year has heard troublesome stories of “sexting,” Miley and her Disney comrades clearly aren’t immune to the fad. While we (obviously) don’t condone teen girls taking naked pics – we’re mostly disgusted by the person who allegedly stole her personal property and then leaked these compromising photos to the internet. Sure, Miley is famous — but she was also just a kid at the time. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that the majority of the media will point fingers at the thief. Instead, angry parents of “Hannah Montana” fans will storm the Disney castle, blaming Miley for their kids’ future “issues.” Conservative groups will rage against the machine. Lather, rinse, repeat. Once again, it comes down to the question of Slutty vs. Sexy. Where do we draw the line between criticizing a public figure and violating the privacy of a teenage girl?  The other photos released from her cell phone collection were tame in comparison – they’re just photos we all take to check out new outfits before we leave the house to face the masses. You can see a few of them below. Selena Gomez, Victoria Justice, etc — take note. When you’re famous, your phone is approximately 100% more likely to be stolen by some jerk with an inferiority complex. Keep your iPhotos clean, kids. miley cyrus nudes leak Report: Miley Cyrus nude pics leak after some jerk steals her phone

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie