miguel almaguer nbc stuck in mud rescue Reporter Miguel Almaguer gets stuck in mud, rescued by California firefightersYou’ve probably gathered from all the Twitter whining that Los Angeles (and the rest of Southern California) is being hit hard by a major rainstorm. Watch this NBC News report about the storm from reporter Miguel Almaguer — it’ll be even more effective when you know that Almaguer had to be rescued by firefighters after getting stuck in the mud during his broadcast.

Almaguer waded out into four feet of mud to film a shot for the report about how the record amounts of rain could mean disastrous mudslides that have already closed roads. “Even when it rains I’ve never seen it this violent and gnarly,” says a local.

Warns a fire department spokesperson, “As the mud is flowing, the fire department personnel cannot get to you.”

Perhaps Almaguer should have followed that advice, as he got stuck shortly thereafter and was pulled out by two firefighters who were passing by. He lost his boots in the process, reports the New York Daily News. Watch the report below.

Posted by:Jean Bentley