“It’s a great honor to build a female action movie franchise,” admits Milla Jovovich, who stars again as Alice in the fourth “Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D.”

On her husband (writer of all four “Resident Evil” films and director of the first) Paul W.S. Anderson‘s return to directing:

“Its so great to have Paul back in his captain’s chair. He’s so good at it. “Resident Evil” is so close to his heart. He spent months and months playing the games and got so submerged into this world. That we’re here in the fourth movie is a tribute to his passion.”

]]>On working with 3D technology: “The 3D aspect definitely made things closer to home. [The effects] suck in the audience but as actors they suck us in as well. You have to get so close with the stunts. We ended up getting punched and kicked a lot. It became very real.” On Alice’s emotional life: “Its wonderful that Alice can be part of a team again and can embrace being close to people. Through all of the films, she was just this loner and she sort of gets back to being human.” On bringing their daughter Ever, age 2, to the set:  “We picked the days when the zombies weren’t there. But she’s a real set baby.” “Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D” opens Friday (Sept 10) Follow Zap2it and Elizadish on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead