Her pregnancy is going fine and Ali Larter is totally enjoying this time of her life.  

She had been doing the whole loose tops (hide the bump) routine for a while. But no more. “There’s no denying this little baby anymore,” she admitted.

On reprising her role as Claire, Alice’s (Milla Jovovich) fellow genetically enhanced futuristic femme fatale:

]]><![CDATA["We are the sisters of disaster you know, destruction. I was really
excited when they decided to make another one and especially to do in
3D. 3D takes this movie to a whole other level."

On the danger of 3D action:

“That was a huge part of it, learning how to do the stunts because you can’t cheat anymore. You have to come within an inch from someone. So you are really choreographed and it raises the level of the game. You have to come to rehearsals. It was definitely dangerous. I think you can feel the intensity on this movie.”

On Claire’s state of mind:

“Claire has suffered a little bit of amnesia and it takes time.  Paul
wanted to how her vulnerable side… wondering who she can trust, letting you and the
audience wonder if these people are really telling the truth.”

On the possibility of a “Resident Evil 5”:

“I don’t think they planned this one when they just finished the third. . It’s one of those things that
organically comes to be. I’d be really excited for them. I love Paul (W.S Anderson) and Milla. They’re an incredible team. It’s (the movie) very close to the video game and
it plays like a video game, which is what the essence of “Resident Evil” is and it really reinvigorates the franchise.”

“Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D” opens Friday (Sept 10).

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead