resurrection comic con panel 2014 'Resurrection' at Comic Con 2014: Cast, creators tease Michelle Fairley's Season 2 antagonist and more ABC drama “Resurrection” returns this fall for Season 2, and the cast and showrunners came down to San Diego on Friday (July 25) for Comic-Con 2014 to share all the spoilers and teases you could ever want. Here’s all the highlights revealed during the panel, including all the details on who “Game of Thrones”/”24” star Michelle Fairley will be playing:

— Executive producer Aaron Zelman teases there will be a slight time jump in the Season 2 premiere. “There’s a very surprising way into Season 2,” Zelman says. “We won’t open right at the end of Season 1. We come in about a week later. Things have happened in town that you’ll get a surprising explanation for that will take things in a darker direction for Season 2.”
— Fans who worry that there is no explanation planned for why the dead are returning in this town, the showrunners promise they have one. “The fear is that we don’t know and are stringing you along,” executive producer Michelle Fazekas says. “But there is an answer. The show is not only about the answer, about why this is happening. It’s about these characters and how this affects them.”
— The audience got to see a clip introducing a new character, a returned that will be an antagonist/foil for the entire season. “Michelle Fairley from ’24’ will play Jacob’s grandmother and Henry’s mother for the whole season,” Fazekas says. “She’s the mother-in-law from hell, literally,” Zelman adds.
Fairley will have a big impact on the whole mythology surrounding the series as Margaret Langston. “A big part of the mother of Henry and Fred coming back is what she reveals,” Zelman says. “When the returned come back they tend to have secrets. Her secrets have to do with the family business and what that secret entails uncovers a big part about the returned phenomenon itself.”
The “Game of Thrones” star recorded a video interview that the audience got to see, detailing how Margaret Langston has a dark past and if she needs to turn on her own, she will. Plus, she’s going to be younger than her sons, so watch out for some trippy mother/son scenes. The audience got to see a sneak peek of the scene where Henry sees Margaret after she returned for the first time, and it gave everyone goosebumps just like Jacob’s returned scene still does to this day.

— Is Bellamy a returned? We will find out in Season 2. “If he is, does Bellamy know this?” Omar Epps wonders. “And if so, what does the whole first season mean? And if he doesn’t, what does that mean?”

— How is Maggie’s relationship with Bellamy going to evolve in Season 2? “There’s clearly a connection between them. There’s clearly sparkles beneath the surface,” Devin Kelley says. “But the dead are coming back to life so they kind of have bigger issues to deal with. But in Season 2 they get closer. Maggie might have a house guest for a while and it might be this guy over here to my right [meaning Epps].” 
— Sheriff Fred’s cheating wife has returned, and on top of that, went back to the guy she was cheating on him with in Season 1. Ouch. “He’s got a lot going on,” Zelman says of Fred’s situation at the start of Season 2.
Fazekas elaborates a little more. “He’s at his lowest point in the first episode of the second season,” she says. “He’s just essentially betrayed the Langston family and his daughter. But when his mother returns, that gives an entirely new spin on things. He has to deal with the ramifications of what he’s done. He’s involved in uncovering the season-long mystery that his family and his mother is wrapped up in as well.”
— Besides Fairley, expect to see more new characters popping up in Season 2. “We have a character who is an elegant woman,” Fazekas says. “Bellamy loses his job and gets a new one, and the elegant woman is his new boss.”
— We will find out more about Rachel’s pregnancy. “That plays a huge part in the second season,” Zelman says.
Fazekas explains that the explanation for why Rachel is pregnant is rooted in the mythology of the show. “You come back, you return, how you were when you died,” Fazekas says. “She was pregnant when she died so she’s pregnant now.”

“Resurrection” Season 2 premieres Sunday, Sept. 28 on ABC.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum