resurrection unearth recap 'Resurrection' Season 1, episode 2 recap: 'Unearth' reveals a darker side to Caleb “Resurrection” continued its chill-inducing drama on Sunday (March 16) with episode 2, “Unearth.” While viewers still don’t have any answers as to why Jacob and Caleb returned from the dead or where they were before they mysteriously reappeared, new questions were raised.

The hour started off with Jacob having a truly horrifying nightmare about both him and Caleb crumbling into dust. While this certainly fits into the idea that the dead are coming back to life, it’s just a fake-out. This series isn’t dealing so much with the why as to what happens when the dead come back. And thank goodness, because that was just creepy.

The next day, Elaine’s father Caleb doesn’t realize that he died … he just thinks he just had a blackout and amnesia. But Elaine explains to him that he had a heart attack and died. They even had him cremated, though they all wonder if the wrong body was cremated as his. But Elaine’s brother Ray doesn’t think it’s their dad, even though Elaine is positive. Ray says the man is pretending to be Caleb.

Marty is still trying to keep this case of the dead returning under wraps for fear the government will separate the Langstons and quarantine Jacob. He wants to give them privacy and the chance to become a family again. He even has an idea to prove both Caleb and Jacob are who they say they are. Since Caleb’s body was cremated and therefore any DNA was burnt away, Marty wants to open the Langston tomb and test Jacob’s body’s DNA with the alive Jacob. But Fred blocks Marty’s attempts at getting a court order to open the tomb because he wants to keep his wife’s body at rest (since she’s buried in the tomb as well).

While trying to play with the other kids in town, the kids and their parents reject him. They’re all creeped out at the fact that Lucille calls him her son. When Marty tells her to lie about who Jacob is to the public, she refuses. But Caleb seeks out Jacob and tells him to lie after he caught Ray snooping through his room. What does Caleb have to hide? Whatever it is, Elaine doesn’t care about learning the truth. She’s just happy to have her dad back.

Jacob’s childhood friend Pastor Tom at first refuses to talk to Jacob, but when he steels up his nerves he finds the friendship is still there between them. They even have a cute scene playing video games together, and it brings a smile to Lucille’s face.

Lingering mysteries after watching “Unearth” …

– When Maggie approaches the man her mother was cheating with, he tells her that he isn’t her father and that satisfies Maggie. But when he goes into his house after their conversation, he tells a mystery person: “She found us.” Who was he talking to? Is Maggie’s mother another person who came back from the dead?

– At the end of the hour, Caleb walks into the home of some random guy who knows who he is and seems afraid of Caleb. Caleb attacks the man, yelling, “It’s all gone? Tell me it’s all gone!” and brings down a hammer on the guy’s skull. What is that all about? What is Caleb looking for?

– Marty finally obtains the court order to open the Langston tomb. When he and Maggie open up Jacob’s coffin, they look shocked and confused. What did they find in the coffin?

“Resurrection” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum