resurrection episode 2 spoilers 'Resurrection' Season 1, episode 2 spoilers: Is Elaine's back from the dead father hiding something? By the end of the series premiere, “Resurrection” had upped the count of back-from-the-dead family members to two: 8-year-old Jacob and Elaine’s father Caleb. When episode 2 airs this Sunday (March 16), don’t expect any more deceased family members to show up. “Unearth” focuses on the mystery surrounding Jacob and Caleb’s return to Arcadia … and one of the two is hiding a secret.

Here are five spoilers from the episode:

– The beginning of the episode ups the creep factor behind the idea of people coming back from the dead. But this is a show more focused on the drama behind what the returned family members means for everyone rather than the fact that they did indeed return from the dead, so don’t get too hung up on the opening scene.

– While Elaine is over the moon about getting a second chance with her father, her brother Ray is less than enthused. In fact, he thinks Caleb is only pretending to be their father.

– Ray’s reservations have a hint of truth — Caleb is hiding something. But it’s not his identity, because he really is their father. You’ll see the proof near the end of “Unearth.”
– So what is Caleb hiding? We don’t get definitive answers by the end of the episode, but we do find out that he shouldn’t be trusted. In fact, he makes a choice that might frighten some viewers.
– Marty has an idea that could once and for all prove whether or not Jacob and Caleb are who they say they are, but it involves doing something the Langstons don’t agree with. Will he succeed?

Find out when “Resurrection” airs this Sunday (March 16) at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum