Kate Stolzfus is no more. It’s time for “Breaking Amish” fans to meet Kate Stoltz in the new TLC special, “Return to Amish.”

Unlike the other Season 1 “Breaking Amish” cast members who have returned to Pennsylvania, Stolz lives in New York City, where she is pursuing her dream of a modeling career. In Zap2it‘s exclusive clip from the premiere, Stoltz poses for lingerie shoots while revealing to the audience that she dropped the “fus” from her last name.

“Since I came back from Florida, my modeling career has really taken off,” Stoltz says. “I changed my name to ‘Stoltz’ since I was told it was much more marketable.”

Despite following her dreams, Stoltz does admit that she misses her family over the holidays. Somehow it seems doubtful that they’re very happy about her career path, especially since she modeled for Maxim in July 2013.

The two-hour premiere of “Return to Amish” airs Sunday (June 1) at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz