Before you RSVP to a party, pick a designated driver, line up a baby sitter or scope out the other guests, consider the pressure of New Year’s Eve.
It’s the mandated you-better-be-having-a-great-time night, or you have somehow failed. And maybe the whole year will be cursed.
Forced gaiety is difficult if not impossible. And the pressure for New Year’s Eve extends to fashion. It all hinges, as always, on being appropriate.
Here, Zap2it takes TV characters, figures what they are doing on New Year’s Eve, and dictates, as it does with us, what they wear.

tvfashd29 'Revenge,' 'Nashville,' 'New Girl' provide New Year's Eve fashion ideas
Of course when we think about New Year’s Eve, we imagine ourselves in a slinky gown, looking like the incredibly toned Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne on ABC’s “Revenge.”
Truly, who is that slim and soignee — and attends soirees in the Hamptons no less? Now if someone can pull that off, look sultry, have the designer gown and be comfortable in that, why not ring in 2014 all glitzed out? But remember, Emily has a closet of Vera Wang and Jason Chu and the body to carry off the very clean, bare silhouette.

Some of us, however, have to work. Probably more people need to than most realize, and police are at the top of that list because of everyone going to parties and then acting like idiots on the way home.
tvfash2d29 'Revenge,' 'Nashville,' 'New Girl' provide New Year's Eve fashion ideas
Here Andre Braugher and Andy Samberg of Fox’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” are in typical attire. Braugher as Capt. Ray Holt is starched – in uniform and personality. Samberg as Detective Jake Peralta looks as if he went trash bin diving to find the T-shirt, and it’s a fair bet that the pants are on their fourth day. But he will make the streets a little safer, and he is dressed for the job, even if not up to his exacting commanding officer’s specs.
If you’re not working or invited to an amazing party, a New Year’s Eve concert could be the ticket. Granted, this is living in TV’s fictional land, but a Juliette Barnes concert would be a blast.
tvfash3d29 'Revenge,' 'Nashville,' 'New Girl' provide New Year's Eve fashion ideas
Hayden Panettiere, as the country star who has clawed her way to the top in ABC’s “Nashville,” wears terrific concert outfits, usually short, sparkly and perfect for a teeny superstar.
Those in the audience could be in jeans and cowboy boots or copy her with a sequined dress, sky-high heels, big hair and attitude.
Given a choice, many women would opt for a Jess kind of night. Forget pouring yourself into the support garments and heels necessary to support Emily’s and Juliette’s outfits.
tvfash4d29 'Revenge,' 'Nashville,' 'New Girl' provide New Year's Eve fashion ideas
Zooey Deschanel’s character in Fox’s “New Girl” understands the joys of fuzzy slippers, soft flannel and brushed cotton. The gray cotton pajamas, incidentally, are from Victoria’s Secret.
Jess’ pajamas are so popular that the website What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear? has a page devoted to jammies. And it’s pretty hard to argue with ushering in the new year in comfort.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler