revenge emily van camp review abc 'Revenge' recap: The Truth HurtsA lot of people have their worlds shattered in this one, so let’s dive right in. Invitations have gone out for Emanda and Daniel’s overtly conceptualized “Fire & Ice” engagement party. This along with news of Conrad and Victoria’s divorce brings Grandpa Grayson into town (guest star William Devane). Despite being Conrad’s father, he totally has a soft spot for Victoria, and threatens Conrad’s control of the company if any of this divorce business sullies the Grayson name. Maybe they should just change the named to “Sully Global.” Conrad and Victoria reach a tentative agreement to play nice while Grandpa is in town as long as Conrad patches things up with Charlotte.

Jack stumbles upon the tape of Mason Treadwell’s interview with Amanda Clarke that Emanda accidentally dropped under his bed at the Stowaway. After much coaxing, Nolan finally agrees to play the tape for Jack, he and Emanda having planned in actuality to erase the tape magnetically while pretending to play it, thus keeping Jack from finding out the truth. When it gets down to Nolan having to decide whether to stay loyal to Emanda’s plan or be a good friend to a heartbroken Jack, he chooses the latter and plays the tape for him. This sends Jack into an angry frenzy.

He shows up uninvited to dinner at Grayson Manor and makes a big scene in front of basically the entire wedding party, accusing Victoria of hiding her affair with David Clarke and keeping Amanda locked away. The majority of the party is very confused except for Conrad who takes every opportunity to place blame on his wife. In an effort to save face, he breaks his agreement with Victoria to keep Charlotte’s origin a secret and reveals in front of everyone that Charlotte is David’s daughter. He then challenges Daniel’s perception that this was the result of Victoria being raped, and clarifies that Victoria had an ongoing affair with David. Victoria is left with no more lies to hide behind.

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