revenge season 3 finale recap emily amanda david clarke innocent 'Revenge' Season 3 finale: Conrad's dead, David Clarke's alive and more shocking revelationsWe probably should’ve realized when we had our first flashback to David Clarke in quite some time that something shocking involving the non-terrorist would happen in the “Revenge” Season 3 finale. But did you expect THAT ending?

That’s right, David Clarke is alive and well, folks — AND he murdered Conrad, who had escaped from prison with the help of a sympathetic guard (a sympathetic guard who happened to come in to a large sum of money). Way to come back with a bang, Emily’s long-dead, wrongfully convicted father!

But before that, Emily/Amanda finally got what she wanted — the investigation against her father was reopened and the conviction overturned, clearing him of all charges — only to realize that maybe revenge wasn’t as sweet as she thought it would be now that Aiden was dead (and Victoria killed him!). It IS pretty hard to celebrate the victories in life when your partner is brutally murdered.

Victoria realized that Emily is actually Amanda, but Emily had her committed to a mental institution before she could do anything about it (with the help of the therapist Victoria bribed when Emily/Amanda was a kid). And you thought the revenge scheme was over! Emily got what she wanted, but this is a true game-changer.

The episode also saw Charlotte realize that Jack was one of her kidnappers and sic the cops on him, and Nolan and Margaux’s brother Gideon schemed to take over her father’s company by getting Daniel in trouble (the ol’ dead one night stand in bed trick might do him in). But DAVID CLARKE is ALIVE, you guys! He’s aliiiiive. And Conrad and Aiden are dead.

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Posted by:Jean Bentley