revenge season 4 james tupper series regular 'Revenge' Season 4 adds James Tupper as series regularNow that we know David Clarke is alive on “Revenge,” it makes sense that the show is hiring the actor who plays him, James Tupper, full-time for Season 4.

According to TVLine, Tupper has been promoted from recurring to regular for the upcoming season of the ABC drama now that we’ve learned David has been alive all these years. Of course, the characters don’t know that yet — except for Conrad, whom David kinda murdered — but presumably they will find out soon.

“That is huge! that changes everything,” star Nick Wechsler told Zap2it after the Season 3 finale. “That changes the engine of revenge for next season. What are the implications? We don’t know yet. We don’t know the direction it’s going to take. He has presumably known this whole time that his daughter has been doing this stuff. What does that mean? Was he allowing it to happen? Was he happy about it? Was he not?”

Posted by:Jean Bentley