revenge season 4 22 episodes full season 'Revenge' Season 4 will be a 'really creative' 22 episodesThe Season 3 finale of “Revenge” essentially rebooted the show’s premise, and ABC chief Paul Lee is so pleased with the Sunday night soap’s new direction that he’s ordered a full 22-episode season of the drama.

“Victoria ends up in a really strange place,” Lee tells reporters of the finale on a call discussing the network’s 2014-15 schedule. “The showrunners have a great idea of how we can just give it a little twist and reset this idea so we think this is going to be a really creative season of ‘Revenge’ and at the moment absolutely, we’re returning it for a full season.”

“Revenge” star Nick Wechsler told Zap2it after the episode, which revealed that Emily’s father, David Clarke, has been alive all along, introduces some major questions that Season 4 will answer. “That is huge! That changes everything,” he says.

“That changes the engine of revenge for next season. What are the implications? We don’t know yet. We don’t know the direction it’s going to take. He has presumably known this whole time that his daughter has been doing this stuff. What does that mean? Was he allowing it to happen? Was he happy about it? Was he not?”

Posted by:Jean Bentley