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We have known since the beginning of “Revenge” Season 2 that at least one person was doomed to die a watery death on the sailboat, Amanda. That time is rapidly approaching and the events leading directly to that death will begin with the return of “Revenge” on Sunday, Feb. 10.

Is it possible that Jack (Nick Weschler) and/or Amanda (Margarita Levieva) could be the victim? This promo video certainly indicates that it’s a possibility.

What, specifically, can we learn from the “Revenge” video?

  • At least one person is acknowledging how much Emily (Emily VanCamp) must be hating the continued love between Jack and Amanda. Unfortunately, that person is Nolan (Gabriel Mann) and not Emily. She is totally in denial.
  • That said, Jack does deserve happiness. Compared to everyone else on “Revenge,” young Mr. Porter is a saint.
  • Nolan is officiating the wedding? Did we know he can do that?
  • You’ve got to love the way Nolan can barely get the name “Amanda Clarke” out of his mouth, knowing as he does that this is a false identity.
  • Awww… Little kid wedding between young Amanda and young Jack!
  • It sounds like Jack and Amanda don’t make it all the way to their honeymoon destination on Nantucket. That is not good.
  • Jack seems to see something down in the cabin of his sailboat. What is it? A bomb?
  • Amanda shoots someone. It’s probably safe to assume that that someone is not Jack.
  • Emily makes it to the sailboat for a rescue. She is definitely too late to save at least one person.
  • In the very last flash, Emily bashes a man over the head. He seems to have darkish hair but is otherwise completely unidentifiable.

Who do you think is going to die on “Revenge”? Weigh in down in the comments section!

Posted by:Laurel Brown