tracy-spiridakos-revolution.JPGOver the course of “Revolution’s” first 10 episodes, Charlie Matheson (Tracy Spiridakos) went from a basically innocent young woman to a crusader bent on taking down the Monroe Republic.

That’s a lot for a 20-year-old to take on — which is exactly what series creator Eric Kripke wanted to do with the charcater.

“She keeps evolving. That was always the point,” Kripke tells Zap2it. “To me it was like Luke Skywalker when he wants to check out those power converters vs. Luke Skywalker’s kicking Jabba the Hutt’s a**. There’s a change, and there’s a growth.”

Putting so much on Charlie’s shoulders, however, could take the character to some dark places. Spiridakos says that struggle is a big part of the second half of the season, which kicks off at 10 p.m. ET Monday (March 25) on NBC.

“So much happens in the fist half of the season, and in the second half she has to see if she’s able to keep her humanity throughout it all,” Spiridakos says. “That’s the thing about Charlie — no matter what, even if she has to do certain things that are bad, if she can find the moral seed to it, she has to see if she can justify it some way in order to make that happen.”

Kripke adds that as Charlie becomes a “hardened warrior” in the fight against Monroe (David Lyons), she risks losing a bit of her soul: “That becomes a moral question in the second half of the season.

Spiridakos also tells us about the “baggage” Charlie and her mom, Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell), have to work through in the video below. Press play for more, and go here for details on what you can expect in the midseason return of “Revolution.”

Posted by:Rick Porter