billy burke revolution fall finale 2012 nbc 'Revolution' fall finale poll: Will you be back when the show returns?Now that we’ve seen 10 episodes of “Revolution” and won’t see another until March 25 of next year, it’s a good time to ask: How’s the show working for you so far?

Last night’s “fall finale” was a biggie: Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) reunited with both her mother, Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell), and her brother, Danny (Graham Rogers); Miles (Billy Burke) finally faced off with Monroe (David Lyons) in hand to hand (and sword to sword) combat; and Captain Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) remained the most interesting character (though Miles and Rachel are also coming along nicely).

Overall, it was probably the best episode “Revolution” has produced to date and managed to reverse an ongoing ratings decline. But was it enough to keep you hooked over a four month break?

Let us know what you think of “Revolution” by voting in our poll and leaving a comment below!

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