revolution billy burke miles midseason premiere stand nbc 'Revolution' midseason premiere: 10 things to expectIt’s been a long four months for “Revolution” fans, but the action drama returns tonight on NBC to begin a run of 10 consecutive episodes.

If you still can’t wait, we’ve got 10 teasers for tonight’s midseason premiere episode “The Stand,” and be sure to check out what showrunner Eric Kripke and co-star Elizabeth Mitchell have to say about the season ahead.

Monroe isn’t happy with Neville: But after facing off with Miles, losing Rachel and Danny, and generally looking incompetent, Monroe’s gotta be angry at someone, right?

How much will Rachel share?: Now that she’s reunited with her kids and sees Miles working with the rebels, will she spill all the secrets of the blackout? Not so fast. Her initial answers don’t go beyond “It’s complicated,” but Kripke promises Rachel will tell all soon enough.

Rachel and Miles’ past begins to be explored: Were these two friends, enemies, lovers? Or some combination of all that? The premiere lays the foundation for what looks to be a slow but steady exploration of their history together.

A deeper look at the rebellion: Expect a look at a rebel camp in Westchester and a rebel base in Annapolis. But look fast because now that Monroe has power he’s eager to wipe out any signs of resistance.

A key flashback to the year before the blackout: There was a time when Rachel and Ben were extremely worried about Danny’s health (but when is Danny not in some sort of grave danger, seriously?).

Jason has a major disagreement with his father…: It’s never a good idea to get on Neville’s bad side. No exceptions. Even if you’re his son.

…and comes clean to Charlie: Now no one will have to call him Nate anymore.

Grace is back, and so is Randall: And it looks like they’ll be staying around, for the time being.

revolution elizabeth mitchell rachel stand nbc 'Revolution' midseason premiere: 10 things to expectThe premiere is one of Elizabeth Mitchell’s best episodes to date: The ensemble cast is still a little shaky but “Lost” alum Mitchell remains one of the clear standouts, and she outdoes herself in the midseason premiere. Now that Rachel is free from Monroe’s clutches, Mitchell gets a chance to explore multiple dimensions over the course of an hour: She’s mysterious, assertive, vulnerable, clever, caring, skeptical and ultimately… well, we can’t say too much.

The producers aren’t kidding when they say this is a dangerous world: “The Walking Dead” has seriously upped the stakes when it comes to post-apocalyptic drama on the small screen, and expect “Revolution” to borrow a very important page from that playbook. Some of the series regulars won’t make it out of Season 1 alive.

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