When we left “Revolution” in the Season 1 finale, Aaron (Zak Orth) managed to turn the power back on — only to see the deranged Flynn (Colm Feore) use it to launch a nuclear strike on Philadelphia and Atlanta.

The result of that turn of events isn’t really addressed in the first promo for Season 2, which you can watch above. Instead, we get a brief summary of events from the first season, with little glimpses of new footage here and there toward the end and the tagline “What powers will light the way?”

The, uh, highlight of the new material comes in the last few seconds, as Aaron watches a cluster of what presumably are nanites flit in the air above him. Other than that, the 30-second spot is primarily a mood-setter for the struggles to come in Season 2.

“Revolution” moves to 8 p.m. ET Wednesdays starting Sept. 25.

Posted by:Rick Porter