With “Game of Thrones” Season 4 still three months away from premiering, it hasn’t quite sunk in that Richard Madden is really, truly gone as Robb Stark. Though the sting of the Red Wedding is still there, Madden has moved on professionally to new projects like Discovery’s “Klondike.”

Just don’t think he’s allowed himself to be spoiled on the future seasons of “Game of Thrones.” At the time of the Red Wedding, he said he hadn’t read past his death in the books, and that hasn’t changed since.

“A lot of my friends are still on the show, and we go out — I spend a lot of time with Kit [Harington] still, and he’s like, ‘Oh my god, in episode 3, there’s a — ” and I’m like, ‘Don’t. Tell me. Anything,'” Madden tells Zap2it at TCA 2014 winter press tour while promoting “Klondike.” “Now, for the first time ever, I can watch it and not know what’s happened.”

He continues, “I’ve not read the books past where I died, I stopped there, and now I can literally watch Season 4 and I have no idea what’s going to happen, which is a gift. Because usually you read every script and you read it numerous times so you know inside out everything that’s happening, and then you watch it on screen and it’s a gift because you see actors and directors and art directors pulling and making this world that you read, and now I can actually watch it as a viewer and not have a clue what’s going to happen. … I cannot wait. I’m so excited.”

With Robb Stark out of the running for the Iron Throne, who does he want to take over Westeros? The answer for Madden is quick.

“Jon Snow. I want Jon Snow and Daenerys to hook up and take over the world,” he says, though he has another guess as to how the series could end as well. “The dragons might just kill everyone and then Season 9 is just three dragons flying around Westeros,” Madden quips.

With his schedule now relatively clear thanks to his commitments to “Klondike” and Disney’s “Cinderella” now over, there’s plenty to speculate about what Madden will do next. Considering he’s dating “Doctor Who” companion Jenna-Louise Coleman — and that “Doctor Who” showrunner used real-life relations on “Sherlock” — it doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch to think he might pop up in the show’s currently filming season.

“I mean, I love ‘Doctor Who.’ I’ve always loved ‘Doctor Who,’ but … we’ll just see what happens in the future,” Madden hedges. Fingers crossed!

“Klondike” premieres on Jan. 20 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz