jimmy fallon rick perry nbc Rick Perry flub good for Mitt Romney, 'gold' for Jimmy FallonFormer cast member Jimmy Fallon is returning to NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” as a first-time guest host Saturday, Dec. 17, for the show’s Christmas episode. Even with a holiday theme, much of the humor is likely to be topical … an approach also mined often by “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” especially thanks to the current cycle of Republican presidential debates.

“For every Herman Cain, you have a Rick Perry, and thank goodness for him,” Fallon tells Zap2it. “He’s going to come out and forget his words, and we’ll run with that. I think the angle we’re going to take with [Mitt] Romney is that he’s just going to wait it out, while everyone else talks too much and gets themselves into trouble.

“He’ll just stand there and say, ‘I can wait. Go for it, guys. Keep talkin’.’ And the next thing you know, he’ll be the Republican nominee. He doesn’t have to say anything, and if he’s smart, he won’t. I wouldn’t even show up to the debates. He can just stay home and let them fight it out, then he’ll come out. The fact that Rick Perry forgot his speech, I feel bad, but those things are gold for a comedian.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin