rick springfield arrested for missing court date gi Rick Springfield arrested for missing a court date related to DUI

“Jessie’s Girl” rocker Rick Springfield found himself headed to jail Friday morning. The “General Hospital” actor posted a message on Facebook from the police station, saying he had been picked up after missing a court date he didn’t know he had to show up for.
The date was relation to a 2011 DUI charge Springfield received. At the time of his incident, Springfield allegedly made threats against the arresting officer, saying, “If you tow my car, I will f***ing kill you and your family.”
According to TMZ, Springfield was definitely needed in court, as he was expected to show proof of completing an alcohol education program, and also take care of the $1,555 in fines he owes. When Springfield missed the date, a bench warrant was issued for his arrest, which was executed at his home Friday morning.
By the time Springfield was being booked, his lawyer had the warrant recalled, and he was released. Springfield was happy with the news, writing on his Facebook, “It’s been cleared up and I am free to go. Thought I might miss the gig tonite but I will be there and we will celebrate together. Life is not boring.”
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