ricki lake getty Ricki Lake lost her virginity to a 'Cry Baby' co star: Who do you think it is?During Thursday’s (May 8) episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” Jason Priestley was playing “Plead the Fifth” and when he was asked a non-“90210” star people would be surprised to learn he hooked up with, Priestley can’t really think of anybody. So co-guest Ricki Lake jumps in to save the “Plead the Fifth” round and says, “I lost my virginity to one of the actors on ‘Cry-Baby.'”

If you haven’t seen it — and you should, because it’s awesome — “Cry-Baby” is a delightful, John Waters-directed musical from 1990 starring Johnny Depp, Traci Lords, Patty Hearst and more. But this revelation by Lake has piqued our curiosity.

It’s not the first time she’s revealed where she lost her virginity, but this is the first time Lake has confirmed it was an actor from the movie and not, say, a crew member or somebody unrelated to “Cry-Baby.”

Lake wrote in a “WWHL” blog post from several years ago, “I lost my virginity on the set of [‘Cry-Baby’] … I’m not gonna give his name because he went on to have some success. I was definitely not his first, I know that. It was a positive experience, and of course it made the making of the movie so positive for me. Everyone on set knew — from Johnny Depp on down. They were like: ‘Thank God for Ricki! She can go on and do something else now.'”

That seems to imply that it’s not Johnny Depp — though of course, Lake could be mentioning his name in that post just to throw people off the scent — but who do you think it is?

After perusing the cast list, it kind of seems like she might be talking about Darren E. Burrows, who played Milton Hackett in the film. He went on to star on “Northern Exposure,” which could be considered “went on to have some success.”

Food for thought.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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