NBC has taken some of the excitement out of this year’s upfronts by confirming pickups of five new shows a week before it makes its presentation to advertisers on May 17.

That’s OK, though. This week is still going to be filled with speculation about what pilots the other networks will pick up and which bubble shows are and aren’t getting another go-round next season (NBC, for instance, still hasn’t said yes or no on another season of “Chuck”). We’d like to add to that speculation with our own list of shows we hope get a green light for 2010-11, including Shawn Ryan‘s drama “Ride-Along” on FOX:

ride along fox 500 'Ride Along,' 'No Ordinary Family' and other shows we want to see next fallSome of them, like “Ride-Along,” ABC’s superhero drama “No Ordinary Family” and CBS’ “Hawaii Five-O,” are reasonably safe bets based on buzz going into the pre-upfronts week. Others, like NBC’s comedy “Friends with Benefits” and a CBS comedy called “Livin’ on a Prayer,” are somewhat longer shots. But a combination of talent in front of and behind the camera, interesting or oddball premises and in one or two cases a little bit of morbid curiosity, make us want to see these 14 shows on the schedule.

Fall TV 2010: 14 pilots we’d like to see on the air

Take a look at the gallery and let us know in the comments: Which shows (from this selection or not) would you like to see on the air next season?

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