ride dreneline scene from 325 travel 'RIDE iculous': Thrill seekers get their highs risking their lives

Say “fun,” and some people envision a road trip, a night at the movies, dancing in a club, hiking in the mountains or hitting the beach.
But there are those folks who can’t get the joy meter up unless they’re risking life and limb. Premiering Sunday, Aug. 4, on Travel Channel, “RIDE-iculous” looks at the many ways — from bungee jumps to zip lines, kite snowboarding and a human slingshot — adventurous sorts make themselves squeal and scream.
Apparently, the show’s executive producer, Travel’s Patrick McManamee, has the same reaction.
“When a new segment comes in,” McManamee tells Zap2it, “I’ll watch it at my desk. I have trouble hiding my emotions, so I’ll watch it at my desk. I’ll start whooping and hollering — you know, all the noises you make when you watch crazy stuff.
“Then little by little, everyone will start rolling into my office: ‘Let me see it!’ “
Participants are interviewed beforehand and then rigged up with cameras and microphones that record every second of the experience.
“This is nothing that needs to be produced,” says McManamee. “If you’re going 100 miles an hour on a zip line, or you’re falling 520 feet off the edge of a building, or you’re tandem base-jumping off a bridge in Utah, you’re going to scream.”
McManamee has also done some personal research to find out if “RIDE-iculous” is suitable for family viewing.
“My kids absolutely love it,” he says. “This is one of the best parts of my job. I get a cut (of the show) in. I have to watch it at home sometimes. It’s great, because they all sidle up and sit in my lap, and we watch it together.
“They always say, ‘Daddy, I want to do that,’ and I say things like, ‘Never, ever.’ We do plenty of exciting, adrenaline things with them. I’m just not going to put them on a 100-mile-an-hour zip line – not until I can no longer control them, like a parent is supposed to do.”
Posted by:Kate O'Hare