ridiculousness season 5 steelo brim interview 'Ridiculousness' Season 5: Sterling 'Steelo' Brim dishes on reaching 100 episodes and launching fashion line Basic Math When “Ridiculousness” reaches 100 episodes this season, how will the stars celebrate?

“A lot of confetti,” Sterling “Steelo” Brim tells Zap2it with a laugh. “We go though a lot of confetti for no good reason just all the time. Each segment, each time we come back from a commercial, we’re just shooting confetti out of nowhere. It’s nonstop.”

When MTV’s clip show, hosted by Rob Dyrdek, Brim and Chanel “West Coast” reaches that big milestone this season, Brim promises it’s one of their best episodes yet. 

“It’s not going to be like any other episode since it’s the 100th episode,” Brim says. “Me, Rob and Chanel, the normal trio, just gave it our all to make it better than every other episode, because it’s really thanks to the fans. When we were filming it, it was kind of surreal. When we started this, of course we thought it would be good and funny, but a lot of shows don’t have the honor of making it to 100 episodes, so this is just crazy. It was really dope to actually reach that milestone.”

After 100 episodes, Brim knows that he’s seen over thousands and thousands of hilarious viral videos, so he can’t single out just one favorite. “It’s so hard when you think about it from that perspective, because I’ve seen just so many clips,” Brim says. “But we have this category called ‘Chattergas,’ we premiered it last season and brought it back again this season. It has to be my favorite category. Just seeing people in doctor’s offices or dentist’s offices on laughing gas and sleeping gas, seeing them reacting and hallucinating and really hear the things they say and that they really believe them, it’s hilarious.”

Brim remembers one “Chattergas” clip that causes him to crack up mid-sentence. “There was this one girl last season who really thought she was a magician from Hogwarts,” Brim says. “She really meant it. I was just like, ‘Oh my god, she is high out of her mind. She has no idea what she’s saying!’ We have a lot of those kinds of clips and they make me die laughing.”

Season 5 of MTV’s clip show premieres Thursday (July 10), and Brim can’t wait for fans to see what they’ve got in store for the new season. “We’re going to have a lot of new guests and we even brought back some old ones like Tyler the Creator, who was crazy as usual,” Brim says. “We have Chrissy Teigen who is on MTV’s new show ‘Snack-Off,’ premiering right after us. We have Kylie and Kendall Jenner, French Montana, David Spade, and my favorite person that we’ve had so far this season was Larry King. That was so crazy.”

Yeah, you read that right. Larry King. On “Ridiculousness.” Brim knows how crazy that sounds. “You don’t think that ‘Ridiculousness’ and Larry King go hand in hand which is why it’s going to make such a great episode,” Brim says. “Coming in for that one, I was like, ‘Ehh, yeah, this isn’t going to work. He’s ancient.’ But he’s just as witty and quick as I imagine he was 50 years ago. Larry came right out the gate and was very funny. Very funny, and very blunt.”

Along with awesome guests, Brim is excited for fans to see the new categories they created this season. “Every season we switch up the final segment,” Brim says. “Like the first season we had Bing, there was the high speed recap, BYOC (Bring Your Own Clip). We always try to do something new. And we have a new segment at the end of the show, the final clip, where we create a hashtag to go along with the video. It’s hilarious to see what people come up with for that one.”

But what Brim is most excited for fans to see is a little more personal. “I’m excited for everyone to see my beautiful face. I’m gorgeous,” Brim jokes. “But seriously, I’m getting into fashion, so I’m also really excited for people to see the clothing I’m going to be wearing this season. I designed my own clothing line called Basic Math and I’m launching it through this season of ‘Ridiculousness.’ You can expect to see me wearing Basic Math in every episode.”

Brim describes Basic Math as “quality clothing that’s affordable.”

“Growing up, I always imagined myself wearing all these expensive lines but not everyone can afford that,” Brim says. “I try to have it be somewhat inexpensive but still luxury taste. It looks more luxurious but it’s closer to a Top Shop.”

And as for that warning that precedes each episode warning viewers not to tape or send in their own stunts or videos, because the “Ridiculousness” team won’t watch or use them, Brim confirms they won’t use fan-submitted videos even though they still get them. 

“Do people ever listen to anything? People are always going to try to send videos, but we really don’t accept any of them,” Brim says. “We have a team that looks for videos, all day everyday, they find thousands of videos and we build categories around those. But people still hit me up on Twitter and they’re like, ‘Hey check out what my cousin did last week!’ I wish I could respond to them and let them know this is a great video but we’re not allowed to.”

So you can stop that death-defying stunt you were just about to shoot. Sorry.

“Ridiculousness” Season 5 premieres Thursday (July 10) at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum