When you file a lawsuit against someone, you probably should follow up with it when it gets taken to court. Apparently somewhere in her celebrity training Rihanna missed that lesson.

The pop star filed a lawsuit against her ex-accountants, Berdon LLP, claiming they mismanaged her money and now owe her millions of dollars. Unsurprisingly, Berdon came back at Rihanna and say she is actually the one at fault, TMZ reports. The accountants have been trying to get her to take part in a deposition ever since, but she’s been blowing them off repeatedly.

That means Berdon LLP has been paying plenty of money in attorneys’ fees, and all for nothing. The judge on the case agreed that it was only fair to level a $47,050 fine at Rihanna to pay for Berdon’s legal bills. In addition, RiRi is being told she needs to actually attend the deposition, rescheduled to Aug. 28, or else he might dismiss the case — again, which she started — entirely.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz