rihanna chris brown getty Rihanna wishes Chris Brown luck in his probation hearing via TwitterIn case you haven’t heard, Rihanna thinks she and Chris Brown are still pretty much soulmates despite that one time he used his fist to make her face look like meat that had already been chewed. She reached out to him publicly on Tuesday to wish him the best in his probation hearing.

She also called him “baby,” which we’re sure his girlfriend totally loved.

“Praying for you baby, my best wishes are with you today! Remember that whatever God does in our lives, it is WELL DONE!!! #1love” she tweeted. When her fans kept asking who she was talking about, she made it clear: “@chrisbrown I’m praying for u and wishing u the best today!”

He sent her a simple thank you in return.

Brown’s probation hearing was supposed to be last week, but it was pushed back so that authorities could gather more information about his community service hours. Brown was given the okay to do some of his service in Virginia, not California, but there are some discrepancies as to the records of his hours and the actual work done.

Brown has already finished anger-management classes and a 52-week domestic-violence education, but that 180 hours of community service required is still hanging over his head — as is his probation, which ends in August 2014.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie