ringer sarah michelle gellar 320 'Ringer' recap: An(other) American In ParisNew York: Miss Juliet has been sent to Miami to get herself together, because that’s not a party town, at all. At any rate, this frees up Bridget’s time, and oh brother, does sister ever need it. She is trying to trace the nigh untraceable, disposable phone of her dead hit man. She’s also getting threatening calls from the spooky guy who walked into Martin/Charles Financial’s cocktail party last week just as Bridget was retrieving the phone from her dead hit man and shutting it off. In a bit of fast thinking, she uses Agent Machado to scare off her caller, at least for now.

Bridget also suspects Andrew wanted Siobhan dead, because when she sees a picture of Siobhan and Andrew on Andrew’s desk, she recognizes the shot of Siobhan. It’s the same one the now dead hit man had in his pocket, only his copy had Andrew cropped out. Additionally, she finds the business card of a high profile divorce attorney, tucked in Siobhan’s datebook. She goes to see the lawyer and tries to tease out what Siobhan told him at their last meeting. Whatever Siobhan said, it made the attorney suspect that Andrew was physically abusive. The lawyer also has the deed to a Pratt Street property, and tells her he thinks it indicates Andrew has been trying to cheat her out of some money. I suspect that’s because Martin/Charles Financial is about as fair dealing as Bernie Madoff, but I’ll save whys and wherefores for the full weecap. Gemma and Henry’s finances figure prominently.

Paris: Siobhan, using the pseudonym Cora, picks up a non-French speaking American in a Paris bar, and takes him back to her place for a little something something. But just as things are getting hot and heavy, she gives him the boot, because she has to… boot. Looks like those pregnancy hormones are kicking in for our evil twin. Her almost boy-toy, by the way, works for Martin/Charles, so I don’t think Shiv’s impure motives were pure, if you know what I mean.

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