ringer sarah michelle gellar 320 'Ringer' recap: The Count Of 3 Isn't A Plan. It's Sesame Street.It’s Juliet’s first day at public school, so she’s off to greet the masses, or so she thinks, but Andrew objects to the shorts she’s wearing. Juliet objects to his objection, until Bridget calmly weighs in that they are a little “fabric challenged.” You heard that too, right? She’s totally Buffy. Juliet, not wanting to fight the Slayer, agrees to change. She also hands Bridget what’s left of her drug stash, so that her room can remain in its non-ransacked state. My daughter pre-ransacks her room for me every morning, in a ritual she likes to call “getting ready for school.”

At school, Juliet is immediately the target of the resident tough girl, Tessa, in her first class — taught by Logan Echolls. Okay, if you didn’t watch Veronica Mars (and not nearly enough of you did) the actor’s name is Jason Dohring. On Ringer the delightful Dohring plays Mr. Carpenter. When the tension, that starts in his class, turns to fighting in the corridor, Juliet is hauled down to the Principal’s office.

In a scene reminiscent of Sunnydale High’s Principal Flutie reviewing Buffy’s permanent record from L.A., this NYC principal is inclined to distrust Juliet, because she knows she was a druggie hellion at her last school. Since Juliet is the new girl, none of the student witnesses will admit that Tessa started it. A displeased Andrew is called in and does not believe Juliet, either. While Juliet waits for Andrew to finish his meeting with the principal, Carpenter checks in on Juliet. She’s upset. She just wanted a fresh start. Something about her gets to him, so Carpenter lies to the principal, saying he saw the fight and Tessa started it. When Juliet wonders why covered for her, Carpenter explains that he’s quite familiar with Tessa’s M.O., and everyone deserves a fresh start. Aw, Logan.

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