rising star premiere host experts josh groban kesha brad paisley ludacris 'Rising Star' producers promise the West Coast will get to participateABC’s new singing competition experiment, “Rising Star,” is airing live in every time zone in the contiguous U.S. — except for the poor Pacific folks, who will be treated to an “enhanced broadcast” instead.

Viewers will be able to vote live as they’re watching singers compete on “Rising Star,” and will go through to the next round if 70 percent of their votes are to move on. But when the West Coast gets the delayed broadcast, it’ll show the original East Coast results and a separate bar showing how the West Coast is voting.

If the Pacific time zone gives a previously booted contestant enough votes, that person will pass through to the next round too.

“Unfortunately, we did try to make time stand still but there’s nothing we can do other than a simulbroadcast, which, of course, is unbelievably expensive,” explains executive producer Ken Warwick on an early June visit to the show’s impressive, futuristic set. “Should [the original verdict] be turned over, it’ll be live here and you can see the person’s reaction to the fact that they thought they were gone but they’re not now.”

Call it the Jennifer Hudson rule, says executive producer Nicolle Yaron. “If Jennifer Hudson had been on this show and gotten kicked off, then everyone could’ve rallied and saved her three hours later,” Yaron tells Zap2it.

Warwick and Yaron both have plenty of singing competition between them — Warwick on “American Idol” and Yaron on “The Voice” — but they loved both the technology and the talent associated with “Rising Star.”

“All the best parts of these shows are fit into each act,” Warwick says. Adds Yaron, “The talented singers, the super-hilarious celebrity experts, and the results. Usually you have to wait two hours to get the results. Here you get them every act.”

Adds Warwick, “The thing that turned us both on was the technology was so different, so of the moment and so actually mind-blowing that we thought you know what, this is going to be the next step. It’s just got to be.”

“Rising Star” airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET beginning June 22 on ABC.

Posted by:Jean Bentley